Want to test a SUPU Woven Wrap?!

Hey SUPU Socialite!!! We are in the process of recruiting testers for new and existing SUPU Woven Wraps. Sound like fun?! You will be given the wrap for 10 days to test and review. Please note, you will need to post the wrap onto the next tester at your cost via fully insured Royal Mail next day delivery.  Still interested? If the answer is yes then please fill in the form below. To say thanks to the testers we would like to offer a 10% discount off your next SUPU Woven Wrap purchase. Unfortunately, not everyone who applies will be lucky enough to receive a tester wrap this time round but please do stay in touch. Massive Thanks

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Preferred Testing Start Date (leave blank if no preference)
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Please confirm that you are happy to receive the wrap, test and provide a review (via SUPU Social Media or otherwise), and post the wrap to the next tester via fully insured (up to £250) Royal Mail Special Delivery guaranteed by 1.00pm next day at your cost (Approx £11.00).