With love from Finland

Tiny review with a lot of love for this wrap

Supu Wovens Helix Arca
100% cotton
Double weave
gsm 340 (my old-school kitchen scale gave it 380g 😳)

To keep it brief: we love it!

I'm a mom of three, used carriers with the first two, but only with the last baby did we fall deep into the rabbit hole of woven wraps. 
My boy is three already, and we still use carriers on most days. Sometimes for an hour, sometimes just for five or ten minutes. I tend to prefer heavy weight wraps with my big boy, so this Helix was a very welcome surprise.

The first thing that amazed me was the softness of this wrap. It is incredibly soft! The double weave makes it cushy and airy, not bulky or stiff. Easily moldable. For something as heavyweight as this, I found it really easy to wrap with. 
My favorite carries are ruck variations, double hammock, fwcc and christina's ruckless. This Helix mashmallowy goodness shines in a single layer carry. It is supportive and cushy, with just enough stretch and bounce. It doesn't sag and even with a quick sloppy wrap job it is still forgiving on the shoulders. My go-to carry is ruck tif or ruck tas with cccb. I loved the ease of tightening Helix and the cushy shoulders it provided. No need for retying at all. Also the cccb was very pretty in pink and not too bulky.
Christina's ruckless is my favorite big kid carry, and with the three layers in Helix, my boy was weightless. I usually prefer slightly thinner wraps for dh, and had a bit of trouble getting the chest pass tight. Probably with a bit more time (and patience from my boy and me!) it wouldn't be a problem at all.

I would think this is suitable for bigger babies and toddlers. I would have loved this in a base size when my boy needed front snuggles for hours on end and was getting heavier. It might be a bit too much for a newbie wrapper, or with a teeny tiny squish.

I'm actually sad to send it off to the next lucky tester! And for sure I'm keeping my eyes peeled for the preorder. We need one of our own.

Thank you so much for this opportunity Jess, keep up the good work. You're awesome.


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