SUPU Helix Arca

Oh my goodness I love this wrap! I fell for the colours when I had a sneak peak before NSE so jumped at the chance to properly test it out with my 8 month old wrapee. At 340 GSM it is quite a heavyweight but didn't feel so to wrap with, the double weave gives it an almost stretchy like quality and it has softened up nicely so good for a smaller baby. I also tested it in a FWCC on a pretty hot day and found that it was actually quite airy. It does mean that it should be pretty toddler worthy though my 3.5 year old wouldn't let me put that to the test with him. Worked well in front, hip and back carries though found it difficult to get the tension in a double hammock. Though that might say more about my technique. You know you've got a good wrap when it's complimented by non-babywearers, and my mum thought the pattern and material were lovely - high praise indeed! Hoping to own my own very soon xx

Jessica AndersonComment