SUPU Flight Storm

Flight Storm tester review

100% ethically sources cotton, medium weight. Size 6 I believe!

Wrappee - 15 months, 12.5kg, Mr Independent, fierce wrap nap avoider!

The Flight Storm I tested was well broken in and gorgeously soft, first impressions out the bag were that it shone in the light, was utterly gorgeous and I couldn't wait to get wrapping! On feeling it I was slightly concerned it might be a bit slippy but I needn't have worried.

You can see Jess's passion for textile design in the Flight series. The weave pattern is so well thought out it could only come from someone with a true eye and understanding of how the weave affects the WQs. I've been fortunate enough to try all three of the Flight series and each has the perfect combination of glide and grip that makes for effortless wrapping and no uncomfortable sag once tied off, even on a long walk. Aesthetically too they are clearly the work of someone who knows a thing or ten about design.

We stuck mainly to my comfort zone carries of FWCC (happy to report I was able to comfortably tie off at the back, no mean feat in a 6 these days!), ruck TT and CCCB, and DH CCCB, for varying lengths of 10-15 minutes while prepping dinner, up to an hour or more for trips to the shops. The design really shines in multi pass carries as the effect of the feathers in varying directions is visually stunning. Even in single layer carries my chunky toddler felt well supported and there was no dig, we even conquered the wrap nap strike so I'm guessing he was pretty comfy too. There's plenty of cush without too much thickness, and I haven't found them to be pull prone at all. I was so impressed with it I couldn't resist another go when it appeared at our local sling meet after I'd posted it on!

I know it's a big thing to say, but if I was sat down and forced to choose just one wrap for evermore, this would be it. Perfect for a toddler, equally suited to a squish I'm sure and absolutely stunning. Just don't make me choose which colourway 🙈

Jessica AndersonComment