SUPU Flight Blaze

Long over due review

Series: Flight
Name: Teal Blaze
Blend: 100% Egyptian Combed Cotton
Weight: 290gsm
Colour way: Teal bluey green with burnt red

Wrapee: 2 year old
Weight: 24lbs

SUPU is a relatively new UK woven wrap company. It is headed by the lovely Jess Anderson who, like many of us, has a passion for babywearing. The passion she has doesn’t just show in her wraps, but her customer service, and warm nature. A while back Jess ran a competition for a small scrap bag she had made. I was tagged in it by a friend and was fortunate enough to win. I will admit, I liked the wraps, but hadn’t felt the need to have one just yet, as there wasn’t a colour way that spoke to me just yet. But when the bag arrived, I was pleasantly surprised, the quality of the wrap and the texture was brilliant, not what you expect from an all-cotton wrap. After this I needed to try a SUPU wrap.

So Flight arrived, admittedly not my usual colours, I’m defiantly a pink girl at heart. I did my usual ritual of taking picture of the wrap close up, folded, different lights before I even wrap with it. Unfortunately my pictures don't do it justice, this wrap is so beautiful in real life.

The wrap had such great texture; the twill design gives a lovely feel to it. I believe quite a few had tested this wrap before myself, so it was lovely and soft in hand, if I am wrong, then wow this wrap hardly needs any breaking in. I have tried many all-cotton blends from different companies and they don’t often stay long, as I like a blend with grip for my toddler. With it being heavyweight at 290gsm, I was expecting it to feel a lot more dense than it did, so do not let the weight put you off if you are new to wrapping.

I tried a FWCC with my little girl. It was very easy to tighten and held in place well. There was no discomfort, there was good cush for my shoulders and my little girl snuggled straight down. At the moment we seem to be having a lot of front cuddles, sleeping seems to have gone out the window. So we end up doing FWCC for hours on end, it is so comfortable and a nice easy wrap to chuck on. Could see this definitely becoming a fantastic beater wrap.

We also tried a DH with this wrap, as this is my go to carry. With a bit of shimmying, this wrap moves well into place and due to its textured design, it remains there. As this wrap is not too thick it is easy to tighten in small sections getting a good chest pass and no sagging in the material. We carried for nearly three hours around town and I didn't need to re-tighten at any point. The threads go in different directions on the pattern which stop the wrap from slipping. The wrap has a bit of diagonal stretch with helps give the wrap some bounce when walking, making it a comfortable wrap to use for longer periods of time. I enjoyed this wrap with a second pass, taking more weight of my toddler and allowed me to carry comfortably for longer than I expected I could. Luckily this wrap still holds up well when you do a sloppy wrap job too.... which seems to be what I do when I'm doing a quick up whilst making dinner.

Overall this wrap is fantastic, I would highly recommend for beginner wrappers, anyone with a squish, or a long one for toddlers. I can’t wait to see the different colourways that will come in this design and very excited to see what else SUPU have in the making. Thank you for the opportunityJess xx

Jessica AndersonComment