SUPU Blaze tester review

Nellie and Me

So first a little bit of background info! Im Emily, mama to Nell aged 14 months. I began carrying Nell when she was around a month old and it has been an amazing journey which has brought such closeness in challenging times as a new mum. 
Nell is becoming fiercely independent, wanting to walk whenever she gets the chance and so we usually wrap when she is due a nap or at bedtime. This is the first review I have written- hope it reads ok!

Textile goodness

So with my background in Textiles (I am a printed textiles graduate) I really get excited about the design, weave technique and colours used within woven wraps. I knew I would fall fast and hard for Blaze. Its rich colour of teal with the hint of warmth is colour perfection for me. In hand Blaze is super soft and feels substantial without being heavy. The jacquard design is stunning and feels pillowy and has great texture which i know will give support and grip when wrapping. Its weave structure means that its a total chameleon in terms of colour, catching the light, shimmering and changing as light picks up the two hues. Perfection.

In action, the wrap qualities are instantly a hit with both myself and Nell. The thickness provides strength, grip and support without being difficult. Im no expert at complex wrapping or fancy finishes but this wrap allows me to easily get Nell in a really solid ruck with CCCB without my usual battles to get a good seat! (This is a rarity, I usually have to fiddle and tweek at my seat but this just felt secure straight away!) Once tied off it feels amazingly supportive and really comfortable on my shoulders. Its true love. I also could happily carry her in a FWCC, she felt weightless. I could confidently recommend this wrap for both those new to baby wearing and those experienced in wrapping, it offers softness and cush for tiny babies along with the support and structure to carry heavier babies and toddlers.

I really have fallen for this wrap, its design and wrapping qualities. I really cant wait for new releases from Jess at SUPU and Im eagerly awaiting the release of the new double weave design 'Helix'. Congratulations on some really lovely designs Jess ❤❤❤ cant wait to support this mama and her brand. Wonderful stuff.

Jessica AndersonComment