Her Wrap Materials

The facts

SUPU Woven Wraps is a relative newcomer to the woven wraps market, having started up only last year in the fabulous North West of England. Jess (the owner/designer) is enthusiastically proud of her original designs and ethical/sustainable philosophy and approach, and rightly so!

I am including both Teal Blaze (turquoise and burgundy red) and North (Navy and ecru) in this review as the wrap qualities are the same, although the colours are clearly different! North was an exclusive for the Northern Sling Exhibition. They are both around 70cm wide, weigh in at 290 GSM and made with 100% ethically sourced Egyptian combed cotton. Teal Storm (turquoise and blue) is also in this range.

First impressions

SUPU wraps come in nice re-useable bag, which is shaped in a cylinder for the wrap to fit in rolled up, which is unusual and nice as that is how I usually store my wraps.

I really liked the pattern; I felt it was very modern and geometric-esque. Of course it bought to mind peacock feathers, especially with Blaze. I particularly loved North’s colours (Navy and Ecru) as I felt that it would go with anything and is a great jeans wrap, but I got the most compliments in a long time when wearing Blaze… the turquoise is really vibrant in real life, made a bit darker in places by the red threads which combine to make a burgundy tone.

The sling in action

Well, I can only say that I was happily surprised by the Flight wraps, for a first release (or in fact any release), they were really lovely to wrap with! The cotton is lovely and soft. Both North and Flight felt thinnish but cushiony in hand, but were tightly woven enough to give great support and not be very pull prone. There is nice diagonal movement in the fabric which makes for a lovely snug wrap job, and good very good mouldability, which means that it was difficult to wrap badly with them!

The ridged weave of the Flight design makes for really lovely grip, but only when you need it; it wasn’t a workout to wrap with these slings at all. Although the published GSM of these wraps is relatively high, they are not thick slings at all, and tie off in a nice small knot.

The Flight wraps that I have tried over the last few weeks have certainly left me wanting more – SUPU is definitely one to watch! I am certainly looking forward to the next releases, which are a very different design called Helix (in 2 colourways); watch this space for a review!

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