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Being a sling consultant has its perks, and getting the opportunity to try out testers from new woven wrap companies is one of them. I was very excited to receive the SUPU tester in the post, and didn't wait long to get Molly wrapped up and see how it performed. 

Firstly though, I should tell you a little bit more about the brand. SUPU Woven Wraps is the creation of Jess Anderson, a New Zealander living in England, who decided to combine together her two greatest passions - textiles and motherhood  - and SUPU was born. With a launch date imminent for her first release, there is an ever growing buzz about her wraps, and you might want to get in on the action now in their Facebook group!

So the wrap to look at, is stunning. I love the peacock/feather inspired pattern, which is simultaneously elegant yet modern. The colour seems to be ever changing, with the turquoise blue shimmering green as the light moves - particularly gorgeous if you choose a carry which leaves you with swishy tails with which to catch the light. The turquoise will be combined with blue (Storm) and red (Fire) for the first releases in the Flight collection, and you can see a preview of these colourways over on the facebook page.  I took the tester to Sling Show Scotland with me and it was being very much admired, which is always a good sign! 

At 292gsm, it's a relatively thick wrap, but after spending time with a few mamas/consultants before me, it is beautifully soft and easy to handle. The ribbed, herringbone design creates a little bit of grip - it's still soft enough for passes to glide over one another, but with just the right amount texture to hold them in place. 

Molly is 18 months and is around the 26lb mark, and for me, I love to see how a wrap holds up in a simple front wrap cross carry first before attempting anything else. For this photo session, it was as far as we got, as she fell asleep in minutes!

In a FWCC, it was supportive and strong, but easy to tighten and tie off. Despite sleepy protestations that she didn't want to be wrapped, it held a wriggly toddler well, and didn't move despite some excessive pressure being exerted against my wrap job! I carried Molly comfortably for well over an hour whilst she dozed, and the SUPU wrap ensured we were both still feeling comfortable by the end.

It performed admirably in a simple ruck carry, with enough cush over the shoulders to prevent any aches and pains. This wrap is also perfect for multi layered back carries, being easy to tighten and tie off but making the carry feel super snug and secure when you are finished.

Overall, SUPU Woven Wraps are a really exciting new addition to the woven wrap market in the UK. With her strong background in textiles, and open willingness to listen to parents, Jess is destined for big things if this first tester wrap is anything to go by! 

Jessica Anderson