Wear-a-Bye Baby - West London Sling Consultants

Every once in a while as a sling librarian and consultant I get the opportunity to test out a new wrap. I find these to be really exciting! At this point, I have tried over a hundred wraps and testing out a new one is such a fabulous opportunity to see innovation first hand.

SUPU Woven Wraps is a new start up woven wrap company here in the UK that is creating a really beautiful wrap. With owner Jess’s background in textiles, she has come up with a new weave on her first line, Flight. It is 100% ethically sourced cotton but the texture is so smooth and cool it reminds me of Oscha’s bamboo line but with the support of cotton. However, this wrap is not flat and the weave has a definite pattern that locks in well once a wrap job is tied off.

Peacocks are pretty fabulous birds and this peacock-inspired wrap will give you a little extra something to strut with. The colour is vibrant and the weave shines. Yet the pattern is geometric at heart so you also have a sense of elegance.

On the tester Jess sent out, she had blunt ends but will be adding a slight taper when the first wraps are sold. What is the deal with a blunt or tapered end? When one of the first woven wrap companies in the West Didymos was developing its product, creator Erika Hoffman found that when the wrap had a tapered end, it fell more neatly much like a beautifully hemmed curtain. Also, a tapered end gives a user just a bit more length to work with when tying a knot.

From this tradition, most machine woven wraps have a taper of varying angles depending on the company. Conversely, many handweavers use a blunt end as they work with such limited lengths that they do not want to waste any material. I was excited to hear that Jess will be adding a taper to her product line.

So it has looks, but does it have support? I got the chance to wear it with my 10 week old and my two year old. Although it felt thick in hand, and comes out to 292 GSM, it wrapped really nicely with my little baby. My preference has been thin wraps with her but the cotton was supportive and held her nicely in place, but it did not feel overwhelming on her little legs.

And while walking around on holiday in Bath, my 30 pound toddler felt pretty comfortable in a double hammock. The passes moved easily as I tied and I imagine as it continues to break in, the wrap will be a joy to get a snug carry in. There was enough cushion on my shoulders and enough stretch in the weave to make it light on my shoulders, but not overly so that there was much movement once we were up.

I think this wrap will very much shine in that period when baby becomes very heavy but isn’t yet supporting her own weight. When my little baby gets to that size, I will definitely be eyeing up a SUPU Flight to level up my collection, both in support and beauty.

Her first two colour ways, Storm and Blaze, are beautiful with the bright turquoise mixed with either blue or red respectively. I am eagerly watching SUPU Woven Wraps to see where Flight takes Jess and the rest of us.


Jessica Anderson