A tale of woven wraps, textiles and procrastination.

Hey guys, I’m Jess a new mum from New Zealand living in the UK and the founder of SUPU Woven Wraps. This is my story.

In 2015 I had my first child, which like most new parents, gave me a fresh perspective on life. I am one of those people who procrastinates regularly, so when my partner suggested that I start a business, I thought ‘busi-ness, I think I prefer busi-less’! If this was going to work, it had to be doing something worthwhile that I loved.

My first love…

Since I can remember I have loved fabric and textiles. While other kids were collecting sea shells and football stickers, I was busy collecting scraps of fabric. Creativity through textiles has been a lifelong passion that has allowed me to work as a textile designer throughout my adult life. Cue second love...

I first saw a baby being carried in a woven wrap at a festival in the late 90’s. I was fascinated. How does one piece of fabric do that?! Little did I know that years later I would not only recognise the functional benefits of baby wearing but be obsessed with the joy and awesomeness that baby wearing can bring to the parent child relationship. 

Starting a business.

So, I felt like I was on to something. I love textiles. I love baby wearing. I love business…. Wait a minute, I know nothing about business! How hard could it be? Well, I’m no Richard Branson and Alan Sugar isn’t really my cup of tea. The learning curve has been steep, the nights have been long, but the rewards have been awesome.

So I suppose all that is left to say is welcome and thank you. You are at the start of an exciting journey and for your continued support I am forever grateful. I would love to hear your reviews, feedback, or even if you just want a chat, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Much Love and forever SUPU,


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