With 290 g / m2 and 100% cotton, this super-comfortable, triple-woven fabric allows for hours of comfortable wearing. The satin and twill weave blend allows easy transitions and perfect texture to ensure your baby stays where it belongs.

  • Egyptian combed cotton
  • 290 g/m²
  • Width ca. 0,7 m (washed)
  • Conical ending / straight with fringes
  • Jacquard – Double sided portable design
  • Ethically produced
  • Sewn with high quality and certified yarn from organic cotton
  • The cotton is hand-harvested to avoid defoliants and other chemicals commonly used in mechanized crops – for safety as well as sustainability.
  • Delivered in the loom status (unwashed) and must be washed before use.
Woven Wrap Size

Grösse 3 – 330 cm, Grösse 4 – 380 cm, Grösse 5 – 430 cm, Grösse 6 – 480 cm


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