An ideal accessory/tool for midwives, doulas and women in general.
Ideal to use before, during and after birth; to carry the newborn; as a baby blanket or as a beautiful scarf.

With 290 g/m², made of Egyptian combed cotton and with an undyed ecru-warp and natural dyed weft, it is perfect for use from newborn to toddler size. Thanks to the high-quality yarns, this sling feels immediately as registered. The Jacquard design allows for effortless “slipping” while providing the perfect grip to ensure that the sling remains firm, secure and comfortable in position.

The ends of the SUPU Rebozo model are straight with about 10 cm long and handmade fringes.

Weight 2 kg
Plume Serie

Plume Cool, Plume Inka, Plume Koka, Plume Lisa, Plume Loro, Plume Lotus, Plume Nina, Plume Ocean, Plume Puka, Plume Sol


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