SUPU exclusive custom design LueMai®

LueMai® is the “all-rounder” made by Tragebaby – Maria Lüscher.

With adjustability in height and width, two different headrests for front and back, and long ties, it adapts perfectly to any carrying situation.
The ties allow a continuous adjustment for small and large, wide and narrow of the carrier person.

A baby carrier for all ages
This baby carrier fits from birth (dress size 50) until the end of the carrying ages (approx dress size 104 / body weight 15kg)

Two different headrests
When the baby falls asleep, the head must be well supported. The LueMai® has two options. When worn in front of the belly, use the upper part of the spinal column, in which the large head support can be stowed, and binds it with ribbons to the straps.

The long head support is intended primarily for carrying on the back. Because you have to be able to grab the ribbons and pull from behind over the baby’s head. So, if you’re wearing it at the back and the child may fall asleep soon, it’s a good idea to get the big head support out of the upper part of the spine and let the ribbons hang down. So, once the baby has fallen asleep, the ribbons can be pulled up and hung in the loops on the straps with Velcro.

SUPU exclusive custom design LueMai®
You can order your dream LueMai® with our SUPU exclusive fabrics. Whether embroidered, painted, or how decorated? you are welcome to define it. Tell us your ideas and wishes. Thanks to Tragebaby’s great experience and creativity, we can offer almost every dream in a SUPU baby carrier.

Bridge width maximum: about 47cm
Bridge width minimal: about 25 cm
Back length maximum: 37 cm
Back length minimal: about 32 cm

Hip belt length throughout: about 180cm
Straps length: about 180cm

Normally the SUPU Fabric consists of our exclusive woven wrap fabric. That’s fabric in jacquard woven, and extra adapted to the requirements for carrying babies.
For the straps use Tragebaby wide or fine cord.

Care Instructions
SUPU LueMai® combed Egyptian cotton, can be washed at 30 degrees.
Please do not put in the dryer!
Do not iron the padding in the straps!

LueMai® baby carrier on the back

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