The Rebozo is a native indigenous culture long-established cloth, which is native to Latin America with roots on Asia. A traditional cloth that is woven and finely handworked. It was and still to be integrated into everyday life for women. Rebozos used to cover the upper body and head to protected of cold, wind and sun, and is considered a luxury garment for special occasions.
After birth, Rebozo serves to wrapping and carry the baby in the first years, during long walk, working, etc.

The Rebozo still very widely used today by Doulas and midwives during pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium. There are also massage techniques used in labor can be supportive or simply “soul balm” to cuddle.

SUPU Woven Wraps offers this very special Rebozo design. In high quality, with handmade fringes and in the current SUPU designs.

SUPU Rebozos, like all our woven wraps, are made with high certified Egyptian Combed Cotton, hand-harvested to prevent defoliants and other chemicals commonly used in mechanized crops – for safety and sustainability.
Woven and sewing with high quality certified organic cotton yarn.
Handmade & design in the heart of Switzerland.

6-7 days delivery time

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