Something to really sling about.

You may have heard me blab on about my awesome local Sling Library from time to time... Bla So fun...bla, so supportive, blaaa cake. Could it be the love of carrying our children has not only brought us closer to our kids, but also closer to our community?

For me Sling Libraries are much more than just a place to help parents discover their babywearing options. For me (and I suspect a few of you), it has brought lifelong friends and a sense of belonging.

 What new mum is ever dressed before mid-day?

 Its safe to say when I became pregnant, after the initial shock, I was pretty excited about everything, until a bombshell hit.  'Ahhhh, I have no friends!' Well that's not exactly true (thank god), I have awesome friends but none were parents or heading that way any time soon.  I wasn’t scared about being a mum, but I was scared about the imminent change to my social life.  Who was I going to freak out with about leaky boobs or sleepless nights? Cue parent and baby sensory groups.  

I started attending every baby group I could get to, stumbling in to most of them, beyond late, frazzled and desperate for a little human contact.  I attended, sensory story time, baby massage, breastfeeding classes, but strangely I kept avoiding the Sling Library.  I had my stretchy wrap and an Ergo and I thought I knew everything I could know about the world of baby wearing.  I had watched 3 you tube videos so I was obviously a pro….   

Thankfully, I met a new mum who pointed me in the right direction. She mentioned the Sling Library was her favourite weekly go to.  The line was dropped and I was hooked.

Make tea, not war.

 At first I wondered if other Sling libraries had the charm, warmth and community spirit my local library does, but over the last year SUPU has enabled me to get around to quite a few Libraries and they all seem to have the same awesome 'come in and be whoever you are' ethos, allowing everyone to parent as they wish with no judgement. I mean some Libraries tea and cake selection isn’t quite as good as the next, but that’s better for my sugar addiction anyway.

 This seat is free….

I wish I could tell every parent who walked through that door each week to come back! Come back and hang out, even if you have got your carrier sorted, even if you have decided the pram is your go to and carriers are not your thing. I remember at times, how lonely being a first-time mum was and how daunting walking into a room full of mums could be.  A community of mismatched mums sharing, laughing and growing in the process. What could be more important at this stage in our lives?

You never know, a friend for life could be sitting in the corner of that Sling Library.  I know mine were.