Three words that saved my behind…

I think most people have at least one pivotal moment in life, where a few spoken words change everything.  For me, it was a year ago at a business seminar dedicated to mums. I had finally taken the necessary steps to start SUPU Woven Wraps, but it is safe to say that self-doubt plagued most of my decisions and I was stalling in the process: “What happens if I fail?” “Do I need more time to prepare?” “Am I talented enough?” the list goes on…. Sound familiar? Maybe, maybe not, but either way, I thought I would share the same three simple words with you that made me wake up, smell the roses, and follow my dreams. 

Oh no I was supposed to do that yesterday….. I’ll do it tomorrow.

Why is it that some of us hesitate and wait for reassurance before moving forward with our dreams?  I see this situation play out with friends, family and to be completely honest, myself on a daily basis. So, what’s the solution…?

“Just do it!” 

I know what you’re thinking…. “Just do it”?.... That’s pretty simple.  And your right, it is, and that’s the secret. A thousand words were thrown at me that day at the seminar, but only three really stuck. All I know is that these three words were like a gong being struck between my ears. I had to let go of the fear and self-doubt holding me back and just start something, anything. Saying no and playing safe was a sure way to learn nothing. Saying yes and failing was a sure way to learn something and grow. If I hadn’t “just done it”, perhaps I would still be sitting here now coming up with my one millionth potential company name. Like Suzy Kassem said “Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” 

So, what are you waiting for?

I do wonder if those three simple words bore the same significance to anyone else in the seminar that day. The thing is, it’s OK to start something and then decide ‘Hell no, this isn’t for me’.  The most important thing is that your fear isn’t holding you back. If you are starting anything whether it be a business of your own, going for a promotion at work, a new blog post (insert awkward cough here), or even if it’s just the flipping dishes…. Just f*!?king do it! Failure is just the learning curve to success.
Jess X

PS. What’s been holding you back? What’s hurdled you forward? I would love to hear your stories. ❤

Below is a list of the companies created by the wonderful women who spoke at the event above. Also a link to the event organisation itself, Mamas Collective, based in Manchester.